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real is just a matter of perception

you can't forget this

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Melissa. 22. French girl who's wondering about her place in the world. Has immense love for Ashes To Ashes and Alex/Gene.

nowhere // to // go

. i love .

dreaming; reading; writing; loving;

. upsetting the apple cart .

sarah walker & chuck bartowski; olivia dunham & peter bishop; kara thrace & lee adama; lois lane & clark kent; sofia & yves; kate beckett & rick castle; cordelia chase & angel; river tam & malcolm reynolds; cameron phillips & john connor; britta perry & jeff winger; alex drake & gene hunt; sara tancredi & michael scofield; vesper lynd & james bond; illyria & wesley windham-pryce; mary connell & danny mccoy; ezri dax & worf; sarah bannerman & johnny smith

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